Kristy's Ark Veterinary Pet Clinic

Because We Care Like You Do

End of Life Pet Care

Kristy’s Ark Veterinary Pet Clinic Provides Pet Hospice Care for a Peaceful Transition

When you face the end of life for your faithful companion, Kristy’s Ark Veterinary Pet Clinic provides supportive hospice care to say goodbye to a cherished companion. We help you create an end-of-life plan that meets your pet’s needs in a comfortable surrounding, managed pain, and noninvasive therapies.

Forever Loved Grieving Room

We provide a quiet, restful atmosphere where your companion is expertly cared for, allowing those final moments to be filled with compassion and peace. At our Forever Loved Grieving Room you can have your moment of solitude to grieve your loss.

Because we care like you do, Kristy’s Ark Veterinary Pet Clinic can help you and your furry friend with the care it deserves.  To find out more about how we can help you, contact us today.